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Can Laser hair removal be pain free and still effective?

This is a question we are asked very frequently. Levels of pain are obviously very subjective as we all have different tolerances to pain and different pain thresholds. People’s individual level of pain tolerance will determine the balance between the effectiveness of treatment and comfort levels experienced.

How does laser hair removal work?

To put it in the simplest of terms, a laser emits a light which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin). The light is converted to heat, which destroys the hair follicle. This in turn inhibits or delays future hair growth.

Are there different types of laser machines?

There are many different types of lasers on the market, however it should be noted that many of the machines used widely by salons are by definition not actually laser machines at all, but are IPL systems (Intense Pulsed Light) Our major concern with IPL is that it doesn’t destroy the hair follicle, but instead damages the hair which results in temporary shedding. This method does not produce the permanent hair reduction results that most clients are looking for.

Which is the best laser hair removal machine?

For us, it’s the medical grade Candela Gentle Lase Pro 755nm which is the best, most highly effective and medically regarded on the market. This laser machine is used by dermatologists worldwide. Candela is known as one of world’s most trusted laser machinery maker. They have designed an efficient laser machine that offers a quick yet gentle way of permanently removing unwanted hair.

How does the Candela Gentle Lase Pro remove hair?

Our medical grade laser machine produces a specific wavelength of light in the infrared spectrum. We use this in conjunction with the Dynamic Cooling Device (“DCD”) that emits a cryogen spray that cools the skin to make the treatment experience more comfortable. The Candela Gentle Lase Pro can also treat a larger spot than other laser machines (18mm), so this makes it a very quick laser hair removal system.

Does Laser get rid of pigmented skin/lesions?

Laser is the ideal treatment for pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots, age spots and café au lait.

In summary, pain is subjective, and each device will have a different feel and result. You do need to feel some level of discomfort for effective results. For us and our clients the Candela Gentle Lase Pro combined with the Dynamic Cooling Device provides comfortable, quick and highly effective medical grade hair removal. If you have any queries in relation to our laser or any of our treatments, get in touch today.

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