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Here at Azul Laser and Beauty clinic we work with two of the best, most effective and highly regarded medical grade laser hair removal systems on the market today


  • Candela Gentlelase Pro® 755nm Alexandrite 

  • Polaris ND YAG 1064nm


Laser hair removal is the most effective treatment available to remove unwanted hair and will give better results than IPL systems which are used in most salons


The treatment is a rapid, yet a gentle way of removing unwanted hair and is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction 


At Azul we can help you effectively remove unwanted hair using the most advanced technology, enabling you to have more confidence with smoother hair free skin


The Candela Gentlelase Pro® and Polaris Nd Yag laser treats the area quickly, comfortably and effectively


Gentlelase® lasers are also versatile and capable of treating pigmentation and skin rejuvenation


Candela´s patented cooling device is unique to the Candela lasers.


The special GentleCOOL® cryogen works exclusively with Candela laser delivery systems to maximize patient comfort and treatment time

Effective for :

  • Pigmented lesions – including

  • Sun Damaged Skin

  • Age Spots

  • Freckles

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation


Treatment to help repair and promote collagen in the deepest layer of our skin – the dermis.


This treatment tightens skin laxity, aids wrinkle reduction, increases collagen production, improves circulation leaving skin firmer, healthier and improving the appearance of the skin

Thread Vein Removal - Consultation required

At Azul we use the Polaris ND YAG Laser to banish those unwanted thread veins/ broken capillaries on face and legs. The laser is used to target the red in the vein, cauterises the vessel and then shrinks back from the surface and then fades over time.


We use the Polaris skin cooler before and throughout the treatment helping to keep the skin cool! Some veins will disappear straight away and some require multiple sessions depending on the size, area and number veins but our highly qualified staff will always advice you on how many sessions is required.


Consultation and patch test required prior to treatment



At Azul we have several payment plans available to suit our client’s needs

Contact us now for your complimentary consultation

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