Here at Azul, we pride ourselves on having a strict ‘no double dipping’ policy ensuring you get the safest and most hygienic wax treatment available. This means once a spatula has entered our hot wax pot and touched your skin it is disposed of after every single use.

We use hot wax for all our specialized bikini, facial and underarm waxing but are completely flexible to our client’s preference.

Waxing (patch test required)
Lip 15
Chin 15
Lip & Chin 25
Eyebrow 15
Nasal 12
Face 35
Underarm 20
Arm 30
Bikini standard 25
Californian 35
Brazilian 45
Hollywood 55
Full Leg and Bikini 50
Full Leg 40
Half Leg Lower 25
Half Leg Upper 30
Half Leg Upper and Bikini 45
Half Leg Lower and Bikini 40
Back Incl. Shoulders 50
Half Back 25
Shoulders 20
Chest and Abdomen 50
Chest 30
Special Combination Offers
Full Leg and Californian 70
Full Leg and Brazilian 80
Full Leg and Hollywood 90